Trading Partner Enablement Options

One size doesn't always fit all.
Pressures to conform to external data standards conflict with the need to establish simple connections across your trading partner community. DIcentral provides flexible partner enablement options that allow your company to start any type of B2B integration initiative, from a fast supplier-centric initiative to a comprehensive initiative encompassing both the supply-chain and demand-chain.

Companies usually fall into one of three categories: Business Partner Enablement

  1. Supplier-centric Initiative.
    Map once to reach many. Your company dictates the standard to conduct B2B transactions, allowing one-to-many data mapping. DIcentral can assist in contacting and registering your suppliers so that they may gain immediate access to your unique business documents (invoices, purchase orders, etc.) on our server. Any number of trading partners may immediately conduct e-business with you in this way through a variety of connection options such as DIconnect™, the Web, FTP, or VANs. Should your suppliers require tight integration, DIcentral's self-mapping and communication tools automate data import and export from their back office systems.
  2. Customer-centric Initiative.
    One-to-one mapping is required if your company needs to conform to your customers' data requirements. The specific requirements of this mapping demands close coordination between all parties. DIcentral collects data requirements from you and your partners and maps them into the DIcentral server, then thoroughly tests and validates the data to ensure compliance with your trading partners' requirements.
  3. Comprehensive B2B Initiative.
    Your company both conforms to your customers' data requirements and dictates standards to your suppliers through DIcentral, which uses a combination of one-to-one and one-to-many data mapping. Additional types of B2B relationships may include banking, distribution, e-marketplaces, etc.


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