Connection Options

DIcentral's solutions for e-business data integration encompass the needs of large enterprises as well as small to medium-sized businesses. Communication to DIcentral can be achieved through one of several categories of easily upgradeable connection options:

Option A: DIconnect Enterprise
DIconnect Enterprise is a Windows-based application designed for enterprises that require the highest level of automation, providing all the functionality of DIconnect Professional (see below) plus the added benefit of an Open Data Connection for Connection Optionssending and receiving data. This Connection can be leveraged using commercial or custom data adaptors, allowing companies to move data effortlessly in and out of proprietary systems such as CRM, ERP, Legacy, or Message Queue.

Option B: DIconnect Professional
DIconnect Professional is a Windows-based application for companies that require automation without a high level of customization or need to adapt to proprietary systems. Persistent document delivery guarantees e-business data transmission over the Internet to DIcentral for translation and delivery to Business Partners. Messages may be sent and received in any format including XML, CBL, cXML, IDOC, Excel Sheet, X12, EDIFACT, and transported via Internet standard protocols including Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), or Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP).

Option C: FTP Connection
DIcentral supports the use of third-party FTP software to connect directly to DIcentral.

Option D: Web Interface
Used to upload and download data directly to and from DIcentral in batches using a Web browser. Our Web interface provides webforms for easy data entry, review, and retrieval.

Option E: Existing VAN Connection
This option is available to those companies who would like to continue to use their existing VAN, while connecting new trading partners through DIcentral.

Option F: Existing B2B Integration Software
This option is available to those companies who would like to continue to use their existing B2B integration software, while connecting new small to midsize trading partners through DIcentral.


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