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Mark Carey, President (right) shows project blueprints to Bo Kelly, ediFN partner

President / Owner

Phoenix Advanced Technologies Corp.

Recent Clients:
Fortune 50 company installing security and automation systems into its executive’s homes and other locations.

"We started out in 2003 with a concept, and with a few connections we had in the commercial automation system industry we finished the year with $250,000 in business. Our company designs and installs business automation systems that include security, CCTV with digital recorders, building system management and lighting control systems that increase security and help manage operation’s costs. We also design and implement major network installations."

"Our first referrals have lead to other referrals and now we have more business then our working capital will support. So we turned to factoring. Now I can meet payroll in a timely manner and keep my trade payables current. And because I can now hire hourly workers, I’m able to scale the growth of the business more easily."

”Factoring is cheaper than trying to get someone to invest in a company. Investors want large percentages of everything.” Factoring is more economical and allows us to build up our working capital the old fashioned way; through hard work and delivering quality products and services."

"Although factoring is usually a short-term fix, some companies continue to use it because they are free from worrying about collecting receivables. Factoring will allow me to have 200% growth this year without worrying about how my company is going to finance working capital. For us right now, factoring is a good financing tool."

Katrina (President) and Tony Clemons (VP)

Vice President

TNT Contracting & Consulting

Recent Clients:
Lowe's, J&D Associates

“We are a retail based service company involved in merchandise rack installation and recovery, in-store carpentry, and merchandising. Our largest client to date has been Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse stores and we are continually expanding into other markets coast to coast. We grew from a staff of 18 to 50 last year and more than doubled our gross income from $1.3 million to $2.8 million.”

“We are typically on a 30-45 day net with our customers but we have weekly payroll to meet. Payroll is our largest expense and having access to a large A/R factoring line of credit allows us to take on larger jobs without fear of not being able to make our payroll.”

“Why did we choose to factor our receivables? Security. Security in knowing that we are able to take on larger projects and expand our customer base, increasing our business by at least 30% this year and feeling secure in a strong profitable growth.”



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