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If you're reading this page, then you're probably a small business owner who needs cash to grow your business. So, on behalf of all the small business owners who have had to deal with financing issues when receivables were slow, we welcome you to the world of accounts receivable financing, also known as "factoring."

Accounts receivable financing (or factoring) may seem foreign at first, but once you understand how it works, you’ll see how it can help you grow your business.

ediFN – A financing network for small businesses

Factoring began a century ago in the American garment industry where to meet large orders small businesses had to pay large sums to buy cloth and pay seamstresses. Financiers loaned garment producers the money they needed to meet their orders; and in return the financiers collected money owed to the garment producers.

Today the practice of purchasing invoices based on unpaid receivables is a flourishing business.
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Recent Client:
State and local governments and non-profit funded women's clinics in all 50 states.

One small business owner’s success story

International Pathology Associates, Inc. specializes in medical laboratory specimen testing for women’s related health issues.

“We handle tests like pap smears and other tests. Because of the subjective nature of the analysis, we require highly trained medical technologists,” says Edgar Gonzales, chief financial officer.

Unlike most medical labs, International Pathology Associates is labor intensive, not equipment intensive. IPA serves public health systems and women’s health clinics in all 50 states.

“A big portion of our revenues are paid directly from governmental and non-profit payers,” says Gonzales. “Last year our business grew 54 percent. This year, we believe we can exceed that rate. Because our company has a strong factoring line of credit, we are able to sustain that rapid growth while still having strong cash flow to make payroll and handle our accounts payables in an exemplary fashion”.