Google the phrase “pressure on suppliers,” and you’ll get 6,840 articles, all with the same bad news for suppliers:

  • “…pressure on suppliers to expand services and lower costs…”
  • “…pressure on suppliers to improve quality at the same time they cut costs…”
  • “…materials-cost pressure on suppliers…”
  • “…Retail and consumer products experts say Wal-Mart's mantra of "Always low prices" draws swarms of customers but puts enormous pressure on suppliers like Proctor and
  • “…continuing pressure on suppliers and demands for lower prices…”

DIcentral is committed to helping
suppliers relieve the pressure.

  • We believe that suppliers should have EDI services that are timely, accurate, inexpensive, easy-to-use, and powerful.
  • We believe it makes sense to trust EDI to the experts.
  • We believe that suppliers shouldn’t have to buy expensive systems or
    complicated software to get EDI done.
  • We believe that EDI should work like your electricity, your water, your phone, your TV: always ready and
    boringly predictable.

Thousands of suppliers use our service everyday. Fully 97 percent of our customers say they would recommend our service to another company.

We won’t be satisfied until that number is 100 percent.

We want to relieve the pressure.

Thuy Mai



Twice in the past two years, says Federico Restrepo, DIcentral came to his company’s rescue.

As logistics director for Sequin, a jewelry wholesaler to America’s biggest department store chains, Restrepo was responsible for receiving orders from customers, making sure numbers were accurate, ordering UPCs, creating 870’s and 753’s, and sending ASNs – in short, managing everything related to EDI.

But as Sequin’s orders grew, Restrepo was falling further and further behind. “I was totally at the mercy of our previous EDI provider.” he says. “We had no control over the EDI process, the time that ASN’s were transmitted, when the invoices were sent, or anything like that.”

Restrepo had had enough.

Sequin replaced the old EDI vendor with DIcentral. “When we started working with

DIcentral,” says Restrepo, “we had peace of mind because we knew the ASN was being transmitted exactly when ithad to be sent. The same thing with invoices. Furthermore, we had the ability to create UCC 128 labels and packing slips. Those things are time critical things we needed to have at the moment that the others were being packed."

Integrated Solution

When Sequin learned it would soon receive a huge order from a major chain, Restrepo needed a way to allocate and process shipments to more than 1500 stores and print labels and packing slips as a batch rather than one at a time.

Enter DIcentral.

“DIcentral provided Sequin with a software tool call DIintegrator that can process large number of orders with a few clicks,” says Restrepo. “It’s a software that is installed locally, and it talks to DIcentral and to us. Files are downloaded from the application and processed locally in the computer, and when all the documents are ready to be transmitted, they get sent from within the program to DIcentral. DIcentral then passes them along to all our trading partners.”

Restrepo likes the program’s friendly user interface.

“It helps things a lot,” he says. “It’s going to be much easier - from getting an order to processing 870’s, producing reports and processing invoices – everything that is EDI related both for financial documents and shipping purposes.”

Restrepo says DIcentral’s solution represents the “next step in EDI.”

“A Web-based solution is great when you have to process orders that are not so big,” he says. “But when you have customers where you have to pack by store, that’s when DIcentral’s solution comes in. It gives you the ability to print huge files and huge numbers of orders in an instant. It gives you the ability to print all the labels and all the packing slips in one click.”


Percy Mijares says that although he has “fairly strong” database programming skills, he had no EDI experience when he started work with Berry Jewelry.

Mijares had worked for Fortune 500 companies in mergers and acquisitions and was CFO of much larger companies in other industries. But Mijares wanted to get back to his entrepreneurial roots, and last year he joined Berry Jewelry as its “CFO/IT guy.” Berry Jewelry was started by Martha Berry from the basement of her home.

Today, the company employs around 100 full time and seasonal staff. Insiders expect the growth to continue exponentially. DIbrief chatted with Percy Mijares about his recent experience with DIcentral.

Q: What was the EDI situation when you started working for Berry Jewelry?

A: I was recruited to take the company to the next level. I looked at the company’s existing EDI provider, and right off the bat I knew this was not the system that would take us to the next level. The support was not good and the infrastructure was antiquated.

Q: Why did you choose DIcentral?

A: I looked at a lot of systems, and from what I’ve seen, it’s one of the best. I was impressed with the system architecture. The whole thing. It’s just a well-built program.

Q: What was your company's EDI situation before you installed DIcentral’s integrator solution?

A: We had been working with DIcentral for over a year using its Web solution – which we were very happy with – when we won an account from a major department store. They required that all of their shipments be sent directly to each of their 1500 stores. Every single package required that it be tracked, labeled, and invoiced. Not only that, but we would aslo have had to enter ever single order, handle each PO, enter exceptions, and give each package its own bill of lading number. And all of this in less than three days turnaround.

Q: How would you have done it?

A: It would have taken a platoon of people, about 30 in all, inputing data and printing out labels.. Without DIcentral’s Integrator solution, I doubt I would have taken the order.

Q: So DIcentral was ready with a solution?

A: Yes, it was amazing. I found out on a Friday that we would be getting the order for shipment the following Thursday. I placed a call to DIcentral. Someone at DIcentral worked over the weekend to configure the program for us. We trained our guys. A technician from DIcentral took the Red Eye to New York and made sure everything worked.

Q: How would you describe DIcentral's Integrator product?

A: It’s literally a one-click system. DIcentral gets the information from the client – the style number, the price, the location, and so on. This is downloaded into the Integrator. I put in my inventory, and then click. The system gives me the picking tickets, the labels for the boxes, and uploads the files back to the customer. If we do not have enough inventory to cover the order. Integrator allocates the inventory based on the client’s priority list. A process that literally would take hundreds of man hours can now be done in a matter of a few hours. It's well thought out. It has saved us a lot of time and accuracy. It’s intuitive, and obviously designed by people who have an in depth knowledge of customers’ requirements and operational practicality.

Q: So it sounds like you’re a pretty happy guy?

A: Not only with the system, but with the people. The support has been excellent. They’re really wonderful to people to deal with. They put customers first. I would certainly recommend DIcentral and DIcentral’s Integrator to
other companies.


March 01, 2005

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