Every year we ask you – our customers – to help us help you.

Soon we will be e-mailing you a survey asking you what you like about DIcentral, what enhancements you would like to see added, and how we can better serve you?

A few minutes of your time will help us plan and make your experience with DIcentral’s suite of EDI solutions faster, better, and even more user-friendly.

  • Last year we learned 98 percent of our customers who answered the survey would recommend our service to other retailers and their suppliers.
  • We learned you believe our customer service is the best in the industry and speed, cost, and ease of use are important to you.
  • Your suggestions led us to develop a number of new features and enhancements that can be used to save you time, reduce your EDI expenses, and give you the visibility you need to manage your business.

When we e-mail you the survey, if you’re not the right person to answer our questions, please give us the name and contact information for the best person at your company to take the survey.

Thanks again for your input. It means a lot to us…and you!

Thuy Mai



Imagine you’re an EDI coordinator for a retailer that wants all suppliers-large and small-to become EDI enabled as quickly as possible without straining your time and internal resources.

“We needed somebody to handle all the details of getting them connected,” says Gayla Turner, EDI coordinator with Hibbett Sports Sporting Goods, Inc. a rapidly growing, full-line sporting goods retailer operating 378 stores in small markets within 20 states, predominantly in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest.

Connecting a new vendor “is as easy as telling vendors to contact DIcentral,” says Turner. “They can be set up within 24 hours.”

Turner likes the personal attention each supplier gets from DIcentral’s customer service reps.

“They're more than willing to help,” says Turner. “DIcentral has been great helping me get vendors on line. They have freed up my time.”

Kristen Cacase, an EDI consultant to Hibbitt, concurs with Turner.

DIcentral makes EDI easy for our suppliers” she says.


Shortly after Stacy Schossow started working for Washington Shoe Company in Kent, Washington, her company switched their EDI service provider to DIcentral.

“With our previous EDI service provider, we could not import PO’s directly into our accounting system,” she says. “But with DIcentral we can.”

Learning how to use DIcentral’s Web-based EDI solution was easy, says Schossow.

“Everyone at DIcentral was so helpful to me, especially when I just started learning how to use DIcentral,” says Schossow. “I was given the job of controlling our EDI orders without fully understanding the whole process, and DIcentral’s customer service reps really went out of their way to explain things in detail to me that first week.”

Today, Schossow flies through her EDI work, saving time importing PO’s directly into the accounting system and minimizing data entry errors.

“Before we had to print all PO’s received and then re-key them into our accounting system by hand,” she says. “DIcentral saves us hours of work, and we can be assured that the data is imported correctly.”

Washington Shoe, a wholesale show manufacturer, has been making and selling shoes since the late 1800’s. They supply to Nordstrom, Academy, WalMart, Federated, and JC Penny among others, all of whom require EDI.


Kudos from Customers

Following are a few edited excerpts from e-mails we’ve received from happy customers.


“We rely on DIcentral to process EDI for all of our large retail accounts, including Nordstrom and Academy; and costly mistakes were avoided due to Eric’s help. Many other people were helpful in working out technical problems and setting up new accounts, including Tri Le, Ben Mai, Mike Neadeau, Paul, Hung Pham, Ellie Rogers, and Robert Salmon.

“Overall, you guys have been great!”

-- Stacy Schossow, EDI coordinator, Washington Shoe


“I appreciate everyone's time and effort to make this work for us.  I also appreciate your honesty when it comes to our immediate needs and not selling us something that we might not need right now.  We are very happy to have made this move to your company. You are truly an asset.  Thank you for keeping me informed.”

-- Supplier


“We don't normally recommend EDI providers, but I've had good service from DIcentral’s customer service and currently I have moved one of our vendors into production within two weeks time which is a rarity in my line of work.  Who is a contact that this new vendor can call for quotes, rates, and an explanation of what your company has to offer?”

-- EDI consultant


“DIcentral’s system is very good and a lot faster than your competitors’. It is so much easier to process production and invoicing. It just takes minutes to do each invoice including the printing of the cc labels.  We are new in this EDI invoicing and your system is working just great. Thank you.”

-- EDI supervisor


I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your help. You get back to us on a VERY timely manner. You are talented at what you do, and especially willing to work with us on issues that arise. We would be at a loss without your help.

-- Flower supplier to Kroger


A neat feature of DIcentral’s service is an Outbox tool that allows you to export your invoices to ASCII (text). With a few clicks, first check the invoices you wish to export Next, click the “Save ASCII” box.

And voila! You get a file that you can import into Excel or your accounting package.

Simple. Elegant. Powerful.


First, select the invoices you wish to export to text. Clicking the header row
above the individual invoices exports header information.


Save the file to your hard drive. Now it’s ready for importing into Excel or
your accounting package.


February 01, 2005




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