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Message from the CEO

Consolidating your EDI Services
Saves You Time and Money

As more and more suppliers to the retail industry are asked to use EDI to move financial and shipping documents, they face a growing problem: how to manage several different EDI solutions to communicate with multiple enterprise customers.

In other words, every enterprise asks its suppliers to use an EDI vendor from its preferred vendor list. The supplier who serves several different enterprises finds itself in the awkward position of using several different EDI systems – a time consuming and confusing process. Moreover, at the end of the month, the supplier gets billing statements from each EDI vendor.

DIcentral helps small business suppliers overcome this problem by providing one solution that fits all enterprise requirements.

Our “any to any” solution is scalable and powerful. Our Web-based software gives you one solution that will work with any enterprise.

That way, you save time and money using one powerful, easy-to-use system that you're comfortable with.

By consolidating your EDI to one vendor – DIcentral – you also get one billing statement that provides all the detail you need to manage your business.

We have more than 250 major enterprises mapped into our system, and we're mapping more everyday.

By switching to DIcentral as your one EDI provider, you will know the true cost of doing business with EDI.

Thuy Mai

Nabi Biopharmaceuticals Saves Manpower
By Integrating DIcentral to Nabi's SAP System

When vendors asked for an electronic solution for handling vendor rebates, Nabi Biopharmaceuticals chose DIcentral.

“We needed a vendor that could integrate its solution with SAP,” says John Balog, Nabi's IT manager of applications. “DIcentral had the tools, and the price was right.”

Nabi Biopharmaceuticals discovers, develops, manufactures and markets products that power the immune system to help people with serious, unmet medical needs. The company has a broad product portfolio and significant research capabilities focused on developing and commercializing novel vaccines and antibody-based therapies that prevent and treat infectious, autoimmune and addictive diseases, such as Staphylococcus aureus and hepatitis infections, ITP, and nicotine addiction.

“Rebates are critical to businesses like ours that use contract pricing,” says Balog. “Recently, we processed 14,000 rebates over a month. DIcentral allows our vendors to send their rebates electronically, and we can automatically post them to our SAP system, saving time and data re-keying. DIcentral helped us save manpower that we could use elsewhere.”

Nabi began with eight different trading partners using the DIcentral service. The Boca Raton company hopes to increase that number to 32.

“As we grow, we plan on investigating EDI to help reduce paperwork and improve efficiency,” says Balog. “More and more trading partners are demanding it.”

“Gets It Right” For Customers

The biggest part of customer services is “getting to the root of the problem,” says Ellie Rogers, customer service representative for DIcentral.

“I try to help as much as I can,” says Ellie. “Getting a clear understanding of a retailer's business rules can be challenging. There's lots of troubleshooting once we do the initial work.”

Ellie is used to working with as many as 120 customers, all at various stages of the EDI connection process.

“I enjoy working with customers and helping them out,” says Ellie. “I know how important EDI is to their business. We want to get it right.”

On top of her busy schedule, Ellie attends Alvin Community College where she is working toward a general degree.
Ellie Rogers

Tired of Chargebacks? Is your business EDI compliant?
Maybe you should take DIcentral's Compliance Course

DIcentral has already helped take the complexity and confusion out of meeting your customers' EDI needs.

But do you understand the other compliance requirements of your retail relationship? Are you still getting chargebacks and don't know why?

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, you need to take our Vendor Compliance Course:

  • Confused about data integration and validation?
  • Don't know the difference or purpose for all those shipping documents?
  • Want to see how barcoding and EDI fit into the picture?
  • Were you assigned the role of vendor compliance coordinator or manager, but there was no one at your company to train you?
  • Do you just want to know what it all means and why your company has to do it?

DIcentral will educate you on the technical and business aspects of vendor compliance and what compliance means to your company. We'll help you understand the terms and tasks involved to be successful.

This class will give you the help and information you need, and more!

You will learn the details of vendor compliance, its relationship to supply chain management, and much more. You will learn how to reduce chargebacks through good communication and solid management. Take a look at the Course Outline (see link below) for a detailed overview of what you will learn in this informative one-day class. It is perfect for the non-technical user in charge of vendor compliance at your company, and applies to companies both large and small. You are supplied a student guidebook with all class presentation slides.

Come join us in Houston and meet some of the folks who have been supporting your EDI needs.

You'll be glad you attended!

For more information: .

Pioneer Postal Praises DIcentral
For Reliable Efficient Service

Twenty five years ago, Rosie Eickhoff started Pioneer Postal Sales, a business with a simple premise: offering consumers   convenient access to postage stamps.

Back in 1980, the company sold stamps through vending machines. But it soon found that even the most technically advanced units were simply not reliable. After several years of development, Pioneer Postal Sales developed a patented cold seal stamp pouch that retailers could sell across the counter.

Today, the Fond du Lac , Wisconsin company ( ) is a nationwide business serving retailers across the country and, a happy customer of DIcentral.

“One of our customers is Walgreens , America 's leading drug store chain - they showed us the benefits and ease of conducting business via EDI and encouraged their vendors to subscribe," says Eickhoff .

But Pioneer Postal had a disappointing experience with its first EDI vendor.

“The service wasn't reliable and it didn't deliver as promised.  Also, the support was totally inadequate,” says Eickhoff . “DIcentral was recommended to us as a superior provider... we're glad we switched.”

Eickhoff's first impression of DIcentral was the friendly customer service and their flexibility to accommodate small business needs.

“The transition was so simple - much easier than I anticipated, and your people were so friendly,” she says.

“DIcentral is easy to use and the service is refreshingly reliable.”

Above all, says Eickhoff , DIcentral has saved her company “time and money.”

“We've saved lots of man-hours ,” she says. “Rather than re-entering data and pushing paper, we simply click a few screens, and we're in business. All the busywork is gone.”

Eickhoff likes the fact that she didn't have to buy software or pay for expensive upgrades.

“I'm also interested in the fact that DIcentral allows me to print my own UPC labels,” she said. “That feature could save us even more money.”

Pioneer Postal is proud of its relationship with DIcentral. At the bottom of its Web site, the company offers the following:

“ For retailers that prefer to conduct business via Electronic Document Interchange (EDI), Pioneer Postal is compliant, currently subscribing to DIcentral Corporation, a leading provider of electronic commerce services. ”

Customer Quote

July 26, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

This is in reference to the EDI service provided by DI Central. We used a service bureau prior to signing on with DI Central. DI Central has allowed us to process larger import orders for Dillard's at a lower cost. We have the ability to print the UCC128 labels, which is a huge cost savings over the service bureau, which charges .50 a label. Our labeling costs last year alone were over $14,000.00. DI Central has also provided other companies, which can do the printing directly by importing the PO, at half the price the sb charged. The ability to invoice online has provided us cost savings and a reduction of paperwork on our system, since we no longer have to provide a paper invoice to the service bureau to input from. DI Central has been tremendously helpful whenever we needed guidance, changes, or enhancements to their already easy to use and versatile web based system.

P. Connors
Cape Craftsmen Inc.

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