July News Letter  
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Message from the CEO

Since our beginning nearly four years ago, DIcentral has grown steadily .

In the fall of 2000, we began with a handful of employees in our Clear Lake office, not far from the headquarters of NASA. Today, we occupy two floors and have 30 employees.

We are now poised for the next stage in our development – significant growth.

As many of you know, DIcentral – my second venture in the business-to-business space – replaces paper documents with digital files, moves those files between business partners’ computer systems and translates those files on the fly so that documents generated by one system can be understood by any other computer system.

We offer our Web-based electronic data inter- change (EDI) solution to large corporations who in turn ask their suppliers to use us, thus eliminating labor-intensive paper or fax operations which are fraught with delays and rekeying errors.

Millions of businesses around the world still use paper and fax machines for their bills, invoices, shipping notices, and other business documents. So the market is vast.

As your business grows, we plan on growing with you.

Thuy Mai

Vaughn-Bassett “Overjoyed” With DIcentral’s Service

"I'm overjoyed with DIcentral,” says Kenneth Sharpe, MIS manager for Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company. “If I had to use one word to describe DIcentral's EDI service, it would be easy.”

Sharpe likes the fact that when wants to start a vendor using EDI, he simply makes a call.

“We had our own EDI system and were having troubles with it,” says Sharpe. “With our old system we had to set up all the maps ourselves manually, one at a time. With DIcentral, we place a phone call, tell them we want to add a new trading partner, and
usually within a day or so we get a phone call back saying they're ready to start testing.”

Sharp likes the quick, efficient, personal service he gets from DIcentral.

“Whenever there’s any kind of problem, it's extremely unusual for more than an hour to go before I get a call back with the problem fixed,” he says.

“The reason we started with DIcentral was J.C. Penny. We wanted them as a trading partner. We contacted several EDI providers, and they told us it would take six weeks minimum to get us up and running. With DIcentral we were up in two weeks and ready for testing.”

Vaughn-Bassett has been leading the fight against Chinese furniture manufacturers who have been undercutting prices. Vaughn-Bassett and 25 other American furniture manufacturers fought for a tariff on Chinese-made furniture.

“We got the tariff, but we don’t think it was enough,” says Sharpe. “DIcentral has helped us stay competitive with the Chinese.”

D.I.Service - Stage Stores with its March of Dimes Goal

DIcentral is helping Stage Stores with its March of Dimes effort help save babies from premature birth, the leading cause of newborn death and a major cause of lifelong disabilities.

One in every eight babies in the US is born prematurely. In many cases, we don’t know why. Until we have answers, anyone’s baby could be next.

"DIcentral helped us with our overall contribution goal to the March of Dimes,” says Gough Grubbs, senior vice president of transportation and logistics for Stage Stores. “DIcentral is a great business partner.”

Customer Support – Rising to the Occasion

Robert Salmon is like a computerized short order chef: he can serve hundreds of customers at once, remember each order, and serve it up – all at the same time.

“Right now I'm handling nearly a hundred new EDI connections” says the customer service representative. “Our robust support system allows me to keep up to date on each customer and determine who needs to do what to move forward in the setup process.”

Robert says working with large companies is often most challenging part of his job.

“It can be tricky to coordinate among different people and departments in the two or more companies involved in each implementation,” he says.

“I serve primarily as a project coordinator for the EDI effort, helping to get vendors online doing EDI. We also train new customers, help them meet minimum system requirements, and solve any technical issues that may arise. ”

In 2000 Robert started as a graphic artist and Web designer. After two years, he moved to customer and technical support.

“I like serving a customer who has tried four or five EDI providers that couldn’t get the job done,” says Robert. “I like providing a solution that works.”

Robert can be reached at rsalmon@dicentral.com or at 281-480-1121 x 214.

D.I.Reports – A Big Hit with Vendors

Companies with many store orders and multiple items needed a way to create a consolidated report quickly and effectively to provide themselves with a birds eye view of their data.

Enter D.I.Reports, an application that allows vendors to roll up PO data into printed reports or Excel spreadsheets – all from the desktop.

“Whether a company wants to see data on one or 500 PO’s, a hub can now download our application and in minutes generate reports from their desktop,” says Adi Zarhy, Director of Business Development for DIcentral. Using D.I.Reports, vendors can

create printed reports or Excel spreadsheets of the data, complete with header information.

Recently, J.C. Penny required its suppliers to respond to its 753 routing instruction request document in less than 24 hours. Using D.I.Reports, J.C. Penny’s vendors can now populate 95 percent of a 753 document which is used to respond to the retailer.

Furthermore, if there is any data that is sent back on the return receipt (aka 754), DIcentral’s Web-based solution gives clients the ability to implement such changes (ship date, DC location etc.) in one shot across the board as opposed to manually changing the data per PO, preventing re-keying errors and saving time, both which translate into money savings.

“D.I.Reports is unique in the industry,” says Adi. “No other EDI service provider can provide tailored reports and Excel files that provide this level of detail.”


Customer Feedback

DIcentral customers are not afraid to tell us what they like and dislike about our service. We welcome your comments. Feedback helps us tailor our service to your needs

"Needless to say, the word EDI is synonymous with charge backs. Not any more. I believed that my previous EDI organization was fantatic. Little did I know that how much more I could expect.

Because I had PO’s with my exiting EDI, I was very hesitant to change over to DIcentral. You reassured me that the changeover would be seamless. I was skeptical, but in one day it has been done. I can not believe it.

Your professionalism and efficiency is greatly appreciated and admired".

Sean Nass, President
Flora Forte (www.floraforte.com)

"DIcentral's Customer Support is great! They are very fast, efficient, and work as a team to solve all my issues. Changing from my last EDI provider to DIcentral was very quick and seamless. I have been able to lower my costs with DIcentral now I am saving $900 a year!".

Patricia Pillers, Owner
Software Support

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