June News Letter  
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Message from the CEO

Hello DIcentral Customers,

In this our second issue, we would like to thank you for the tremendous response generated by valued customers like you. We did not expect such an overwhelming response, but it shows that there were some additional needs DIcentral could satisfy for many customers.

One example of our flexibility in answering our customers’ EDI needs recently put forth the importance of our technology. Camelbak Products, a manufacturer of unique backpack/ water canteen technology for sports, indus- trial, and military users, had a need for a Scan-n-Pak solution in their warehouse, ASAP! We added the functionality in record time for an important shipment to the military

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce Dr. Trung Pham, DIcentral’s Chief Technology Officer. He is an accomplished software developer, and former mathematics professor at University of Houston, who uses his knowledge of mathematical theory to give DIcentral the edge in the marketplace and is a cornerstone in the continuing enhancement of our patent pending software platform.

We will continue to move forward with our relentless pursuit of satisfying your business needs as they relate to data exchanged via EDI. Please let us know if we can help you improve your use of ourtools in anyway.

Thuy Mai

DIcentral Grows with Dr. Harold Katz, LLC

Dr. Harold Katz, LLC, formerly known as California Breath Clinics, has a wide variety of customers doing business in different sectors. While Katz knew that many of its retail customers required electronic transaction (EDI) capability, the company also knew that customers like McKesson and Cardinal Health would prefer EDI to paper.

Katz needed a solution that worked on two fronts.

  • First, the solution had to comply with each customer’s specific EDI needs. For example, Target needed advance shipping notice’s (ASN’s) with UCC-128 barcode labels for carton level shipping while pharmaceutical
    distributors needed 844 and 849 charge back transactions.
  • Second, the solution had to grow with Katz’s own internal order fulfillment system.

“DIcentral’s EDI solution has really been a godsend for our business,” says Mark Fiala, director of internet operations for Katz.

“Whenever I want to set up a new retailer on EDI, I just tell our DIcentral account manager who it is and let them take care of all the integration details. Beyond that, I love the scalability of their solution. With their DIConnect tool, I’m able to map all our inbound EDI purchase orders directly into our own PO manager which we use to process and ship our retail orders. It’s the perfect combination of a hands-off – yet fully scalable – EDI solution.”

With one Web account, Dr. Harold Katz, LLC, now has an all-in-one solution to cover its EDI needs.

DIcentral’s any-to-any platform enables Dr. Harold Katz, LLC, to exchange electronic transactions with multiple customer types using just one EDI tool.

With DIcentral, Dr. Harold Katz can now focus on a new market -- international retailers.


Customer Support – Rising to the Occasion

For DIcentral to serve its customers with a level of excellence that guarantees satisfaction, we employ quality people with great attitudes.

DIcentral’s customer service people are dedicated to resolving customer issues with a detailed set of procedures. To that end, we would like to introduce one of our customer representatives –
Ms. Ronda Burke.

For Ronda – a four year veteran of EDI – it’s all about getting the customer “up and running.”

“It’s all about getting my custom- ers to where they are transmitting live transactions in a timely manner,” says Ronda. “Once customers are exchanging live transactions, we usually make adjustments to the Web forms to lessen their workload.”

DIcentral combines “people and processes” to help customers, says Ronda.

"Customers like Hana Time rely on our knowledge of the EDI setup process to accelerate the EDI connection so that they can start doing business as soon as possible,” she says. “Customers always appreciate prompt connection to their important

Ronda can be reached at rburke@dicentral.com or at 281-480-1121 x 105.


ediFN – A Natural Extension of EDI

Since introducing ediFN last month, DIcentral has seen strong interest from its small business customers who want to learn more about financing accounts receivable.

Early this year, a study by the SBA Office of Advocacy concluded that young, rapidly growing, and often undercapitalized businesses turn to non-bank lenders and community banks to provide customized financing solutions.

One such financing solution is ediFN, a partnership of a small, business friendly bank and several commercial factoring companies. Together, they provide working capital for scores of small businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

DIcentral chose its ediFN partners based on a number of characteristics including geographical representation including Canada, vertical market coverage, and interest in working hard on behalf of DIcentral customers.

In a process similar to negotiating a “buying group” arrangement, ediFN partners agreed to a number of key concessions that benefit DIcentral customers.

With the prior approval of a DIcentral customer, DIcentral can provide an ediFN partner certain key ediFN information (purchase orders, invoices, etc.) that will allow the financing source a more secure relationship.

With DIcentral’s information, the customer’s financing advances occur smoother, quicker, with less paperwork, and allow elimination of fees associated with priority mail services.

For more information go to http://www.dicentral.com/html/ediFN/edifnhome.asp.


EDI Data Can Help Managers Assess Supply Chain Performance

The co-founder of DIcentral, Dr. Trung Pham (pronounced troong fam), told an international conference this spring how companies can use EDI data to assess the performance of their supply chains.

Speaking before the prestigious IEEE’s International Conference on E-commerce, E-technology, and E-service in Taipei, Pham showed how businesses could use a quantitative approach of using e-commerce data to monitor and control supply chain performance.

“An organization buying products or services from a supply chain normally prefers to maintain a certain performance level for these suppliers to appropriately schedule its activities,” said Pham.

“DIcentral recognizes that the overall performance can be subjective, and therefore implements the use of numerical data to support an objective assessment of the performance of a supply chain.”

This performance can be measured with different quantitative criteria according to the customer’s preferences, allowing the customer to define its own business practice that maximizes its operational effectiveness.

In his paper, Pham reported how DIcentral initiated an innovative approach to objectively measure the performance of a supply chain directly from e-commerce data, namely the purchase orders, invoices, and shipment notices.





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