D.I. Central and Katzscan Partner to Provide Total EDI Solution

HOUSTON (January 28, 2004) – DIcentral Corporation, a leading electronic commerce provider, and Katzscan Inc., a consulting firm specializing in vendor compliance with technical expertise in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and barcode applications, today announced a partnership to provide both technical and operational vendor compliance solutions to companies of all sizes.

The partnership combines vendor compliance consulting and EDI service into a total solution for customers. The partnership takes advantage of the high degree of synergies between the firms, allowing customers to easily address all their barcode labeling, EDI, and operational vendor compliance needs.

“Successful vendor compliance relies on both technology and operational changes” said Norman Katz, president of Katzscan. “With DIcentral, instead of concentrating on the EDI technology itself, now my clients and I can now focus on integration and the operational changes for vendor compliance. This results in projects with a shorter time frame and faster return on investment.”

“DIcentral currently helps thousands of companies electronically exchange purchase order, invoice, advance ship notice, and UCC128 barcode label with our Web-based EDI solution that is easy, fast, secure, feature rich, and cost effective,” said Thuy Mai, CEO of DIcentral Corporation. “With Katzscan, we can help companies focus on the need for complying with both the technical specifications and the operational changes necessary to successfully meet vendor compliance requirements. Companies that don’t comply sustain big chargeback fees and risk losing business to competitors.”

Katzscan, Inc.

Katzscan Inc. (www.katzscan.com) has aggressively courted and won clients in the footwear, education, hospitality, consumer packaged goods, and pharmaceutical industries. Katzscan addresses project needs from the data to enterprise-wide levels covering both the technical and business operation aspects of a project, a dual-perspective appreciated by its clients that results in cost-efficient “surgical strike” solutions to solve clients’ mission-critical business problems.

DIcentral Corporation

DIcentral Corporation (www.dicentral.com) is a hosted supply-chain data integration company with the most advanced and cost effective solutions in the market today. DIcentral currently helps thousands of companies electronically exchange purchase order, invoice, advanced ship notice, and UCC128 barcode label. We offer an easy-to-use Web-based solution to small companies. We offer integrated solution to medium and large companies.

For more information about Katzscan, Inc. contact:
Norman Katz, President
Katzscan Inc.

For more information about DIcentral Corporation contact:
Gale Wiley, Director of Marketing,
(281) 480-1121


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