D.I. Central and R.E.R. International Partner To Provide Complete Supply Chain Solution

HOUSTON (December 22, 2003) - DIcentral Corporation, a leading electronic commerce provider, and R.E.R International, a leading provider of UPC labels, today announced a partnership to provide a full suite of solutions for companies distributing their products to retail chains

The partnership combines the core strengths of each company into a single, powerful solution for customers. The partnership takes advantage of the high degree of synergies between the firms, allowing customers to easily address all their EDI and label printing needs.

“We are extremely excited by the ability to offer customers a seamless one-stop solution for all their EDI and ticket/label printing needs.” said Daniel A. Etra, CEO of R.E.R. International. “The partnership of DIcentral’s advanced web-based EDI platform with R.E.R.’s ticket/label printing services is truly a superior and unbeatable combination.”

“DIcentral currently helps thousands of companies electronically exchange purchase order, invoice, advance ship notice, and UCC128 barcode label with our web-based EDI solution that is easy, fast, secure, feature rich, and cost effective,” said Thuy Mai, CEO of DIcentral Corporation. “Along with R.E.R International, we can help customers print their price tickets, too.”

R.E.R. International

R.E.R. International is a service company providing the highest quality in UPC price tags and labels and UCC 128 shipping labels for the retail industry. Recognizing that the quality of the product and turnaround time of the service are the keys to complete customer satisfaction, R.E.R. partners with its customers to provide a superior product in less time and at a lower cost than the competition. With over 11 years of combined experience, R.E.R. is certified by major retailers and employs rigorous quality control to ensure error-free printing and on-time delivery.

DIcentral Corporation

DIcentral Corporation (www.dicentral.com) is a hosted supply-chain data integration company with the most advanced and cost effective solutions in the market today. DIcentral currently helps thousands of companies electronically exchange purchase order, invoice, advanced ship notice, and UCC128 barcode label. We offer an easy-to-use Web-based solution to small companies. We offer integrated solution to medium and large companies.

For more information about R.E.R. International contact:
Lina Radonjic, Production Manager

For more information about DIcentral Corporation contact:
Gale Wiley, Director of Marketing,
(281) 480-1121


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