DIcentral™ Launches DIcatalog, a B2B Catalog Integration Service to Increase Supply Chain Efficiencies

DIcatalog™ Enables Suppliers and Buyers to Integrate Back-End Systems With Product Content Supply Chain Partners

HOUSTON, Texas (September 24, 2001) -- DIcentral Corporation, a leading provider of hosted B2B data integration services, today announced DIcatalog, a business-to-business (B2B) catalog service that improves e-commerce transactions between large buyers and their small to mid-sized suppliers.

DIcatalog is a browser-based development tool for buyers to create customized integration utilities that pull new and updated supplier product content into their back-end ERP systems. The service's browser-based self-service features provide a cost-effective way for small to mid-sized suppliers to upload and update detailed product and shipping specifications into the DIcentral product data repository. DIcatalog was designed specifically for smaller enterprises that traditionally exchange product information with large buyers via application files, email, phone, fax or mail. The buyers can retrieve the supplier catalog by Internet or via traditional VANs.

"DIcatalog was designed to accommodate both the large buyers and the specific, unique needs of small to mid-sized suppliers," said Dr. Trung Pham, DIcentral's Chief Technology Officer. "The goal for the large buyers is to accomplish 100% supply chain connectivity with trading partners of all sizes. We provide our customers with a solution that fits their buying needs while fulfilling the requirements of their many small to mid-sized suppliers."

DIcatalog is designed for use with a supplier's existing customer base. Suppliers who use the hosted Internet catalog service pay a low, flat monthly fee with flexible contract terms and seasonal conditions, making seamless implementation affordable. Suppliers can grant secure, unique access rights and post product pricing and order information to their catalog with fields for individual retailers. Detailed electronic product data fields (such as selection, style and item codes, color and price, etc) eliminate costly errors associated with paper-based purchasing, logistics and fulfillment, and streamline the order and delivery processes. Multiple catalog search methods also simplify navigation for buyers across individual and aggregated catalogs.

To help DIcentral's customers manage and improve e-commerce transactions and B2B catalog offerings, DIcentral provides Online Training. The new online training service enables suppliers and buyers to begin using the transaction and catalog services without sacrificing the customized and collaborative training components essential for a successful training program.

DIcentral Corporation is a privately held, venture-funded company with full-service facilities in Houston, TX and a branch office in San Diego, CA. DIcentral's Total B2B Data Integration solution enables corporations of any size to achieve B2B data integration without switching costs, without the investment in localized software and hardware technology, and without the costs of ongoing maintenance and management of B2B relationships.

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