The Future of Electronic Commerce Hosting Technology
DIcentral's Chief Technology Officer discusses trends in B2B e-commerce and the future of the hosted services model.

eXtensible Markup Language (XML)
The pros and cons of XML applications in the world of e-commerce, and how DIcentral approaches this flexible technology.

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Quantitative Approach to Using E-Commerce Data to Monitor and Control the Performance of a Supply Chain
This paper presents a quantitative approach to using E-commerce data to measure, monitor and control the performance of a supply chain

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Implementation of Large Catalogs for Price Enforcement in B2B E-Commerce
This paper presents an efficient architecture to implement a catalog for its application in B2B electronic commerce.

(193 KB; 8 pages)

Adaptive Fuzzy Approach to Estimate Supplier's Competitiveness in Open e-Bidding
This paper presents an adaptive fuzzy approach to estimate the competition of the suppliers in an open electronic bidding.

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Managerial Considerations to Adopting Electronic Data Interchange
This paper outlines the process of adopting electronic data interchange into a business cycle and the issues encountered in the process.

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Mining of EDI Data for Performance Measurement of a Supply Chain
This paper presents an application of data mining using EDI data to measure the performance of a supply chain. This performance is measured in terms of the turn-around time for a business transaction.Results of some EDI data sets are summarized and presented as demonstration for data visualization.

(278 KB; 15 pages)
Business Models for EDI Data Translation Web Service Providers
This paper outlines different business models for e-commerce B2B Web service providers. Each model is described in terms of the technological solution, customer base, and capital investment.


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