About the Company

DIcentral provides a complete Internet-based platform for business-to-business (B2B) data integration services for enterprises and e-marketplaces. DIcentral's suite of Internet-based applications enables businesses and corporations of any size to achieve B2B data integration without the costly investment in localized software and hardware technology, and without the costs of ongoing management of B2B relationships. The Company's Internet-based platform of solutions offers the most flexible set of B2B integration options available on the market today. DIcentral Corporation is a privately held, venture-funded company incorporated in May 2000.

The Total B2B Data Integration Solutions
With our revolutionary Solutions, our customers can exchange business information seamlessly and efficiently with all of their trading partners, regardless of what types of systems they have. Neither our customers nor their trading partners need to install any software, hardware, or employ additional staff.

DIcentral helps its customers benefit from e-commerce, and as a result, gain significant financial and competitive advantage. Our solutions enable customers with internal enterprise applications, such as XML-enabled procurement solutions or EDI, to be connected seamlessly with their external trading partners regardless of what file formats that their trading partners systems require.

Reliable, Secure, Affordable Data Interchange
Our state-of-the-art data center facility provides the performance, security, and scalability for our software. We offer exceptional customer services and real-time transaction monitoring to help ensure delivery of the data. Our revenue model is cost-per-transaction basis, with minimal upfront costs required.

Officers, Board of Directors, and Board of Advisors
DIcentralís experienced executive team offers significant expertise in B2B connectivity and service company operations:

Name Position
Thuy Mai President and CEO
Dr. Trung Pham Chief Technology Officer
John Nguyen Chief Financial Officer

Thuy Mai Board of Directors
Dr. Trung Pham Board of Directors
Dan Carroll Sr., The Carroll Group Board of Directors
Trung Dung, Tascola Board of Directors
Truc Doh, Magnolia Capital Board of Directors

Michael Mulcahy, Compaq Advisory Board
Stephen Perkins, Venture Investor Advisory Board
Mark Weisberger, Vignette Advisory Board
Dr. Guanrong Ron Chen, University of Houston Advisory Board

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