True Any-to-any Data Mapping

DImapper provides flexible tools to create interactive electronic forms, map any-to-any data, and create any type of business rules. DImapper is used to create maps, which consist of rules for data-content transformation, data validation and electronic forms. This process is facilitated by convenient "from" and "to" windows, drag-and-drop techniques, and spreadsheet-like rules.

Flexible Tool, Complete SolutionDImapper
Mapping rules are added using logical statements. Rules can be combined and nested to any level. They are augmented by a rich set of pre-defined functions for operations such as conditional testing, table lookups, mathematical functions, character string parsing, and data extraction.

The capability for mapping from multiple format inputs to multiple outputs gives DImapper software unique transformation power. Each map is associated with a specific data object definition and a default resource adapter for input/output. Data object definitions are reusable, the same definition can apply to to both input and output for the same or different maps.

When a data object is used as input, data is validated to ensure the data conforms to the data object definition. When used as output, the data object is constructed automatically in its entirety.

Data object definitions, data maps and resource adapters are all separately managed objects. Each object is reusable in any number of integration scenarios. The result is flexibility, ease of use, and reduced maintenance as integration requirements change.

Once a map is created, it can be compiled and tested on a DIcentral server. DIcentral provides sophisticated debugging tools that simplify testing. Once tested, a compiled map is ported to the operation server platforms.


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