Any-to-any Format Data Translations

Intelligent Solutions, Accurate Translations
DItrans is DIcentral Corporation’s open systems strategy for electronic messaging - the next generation of EDI. Server provides an intelligent messaging gateway for handling high-volume messaging in a distributed computing environment.

DItrans provides an intelligent data translation gateway for ASP that needs to handle high-volume any format-to-any format data translation.

DItrans is certified by the U.S. Department of Defense to provide accurate and strict syntax detection, business rule verification, and data validation.

DItrans‘s main purposes are to analyze, translate, and move data to designated areas within and outside the enterprise automatically. This eliminates the need to have expensive personnel constantly monitor the system and perform these tasks manually.

Strong Partners, Strong ASP Solutions
DItrans is designated specifically for Application Service Provider (ASP) infrastructure. What makes this solid integration and simple implementation possible is DIcentral’s strong relationship with our partners. Our dedicated staff actively participates and collaborates with industry leaders to provide you with high quality e-business solutions for your ERP application.

Expertise in e-Business Integration
Keep in mind, when you are using DIcentral Data Integration Center, DItrans will help you to expand your enterprise application. You can count on DIcentral Corporation to provide you with the most advanced solutions to automate and streamline your entire supply chain.

For instance, our DIcentral Web Suite solutions offer you an affordable and secure way to reach your small and occasional trading partners via the web. What’s more, we have the services and support you need to get the most out of your Data Integration.

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