The Power of Automation

DIconnect eliminates manual processes to make it more efficient to establish secure, reliable connections to your entire network of Business Partners, large and small. Seamless interaction empowers your exchange network to grow, and the more powerful and fluid your network, the more sure your success.

Open Data Connectivity
Enterprises using the downloadable DIconnect benefit from our Open Data Connection for sending and receiving data. This Open Data Connection can be leveraged using commercial or custom data adaptors, allowing companies to move data in and out of proprietary systems such as CRM, ERP, and Legacy with little or no effort.

Automated, Secure Delivery in Any Format
DIconnect offers persistent document delivery to guarantee e-business document transmission over the Internet to DIcentral for translation and delivery to your Business Partner. Messages may be sent and received in any format including XML, CBL, cXML, IDOC, Excel Sheet, X12, and EDIFACT.

Encrypted data is exchanged through Partners' firewalls, providing a reliable transaction environment that protects sensitive information of both Partner and customer. Documents can be transported via Internet standard protocols including Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), or Simple Mail Transport Protocol.

DIconnect screenshotEasy-to-Use Interface
A simple user interface allows administrators to:

Total Open Trading Flexibility
After deploying DIconnect, customers can upgrade their implementations easily. DIcentral provides scalable B2B integration service capabilities for organizations that need to connect rapidly with hundreds or thousands of Business Partners simultaneously.

System Requirements


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