Easy-to-use WYSIWYG Data Entry Tool

DIfiller designed with DImapper combines the appearance and ease-of-use of paper forms with the advantages of electronic media. This user-friendly Web browser interface enables customers to rely on a single version of a form for printing, faxing, emailing, web-based distribution, and Electronic Data Interchanging.

DIfiller - click to enlargeSimple Data Entry Operation
Day-to-day data entry operation must be simple and easy to conduct. Users should not need to learn a new software application in order to fill out an electronic form.
DIfiller provides a clear graphical interface with user-friendly features specifically customized for the efficiency of data entry operation.

Form Design and Version Control
The form designer should be able to determine what additional features are available to people filling out a form.
DIfiller, the necessary tool that allows form designers the control of how a form is filled out, provides this flexibility. Auto help (defined by the form designers) provides step-by-step instructions on filling out a form. Sophisticated Action buttons control form operations.

Free Electronic Distribution
filler forms are provided to the customers of DIcentral Corporation free-of-charge. Users can access DIfiller forms at DIcentral.com, or download them via the Internet connection to DIcentral's FTP server.

B2B Data Exchange Ready
Data collected from
DIfiller can be translated to any format and sent electronically to the intended recipient via DIcentral Exchange service. The output format is guaranteed of having the correct syntax, and its data complying with validation and business rules.


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