Secure, Internet-based Transaction Interface

Easy, Intuitive User Account Management
Whether a small business or a global corporation, DIcentral provides full, secure access to your account using DIgateway, a web-based transaction interface. DIgateway features the following navigational tools:

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Used by small and mid-market companies to submit data to trading partners. Options include selecting a file upload or a unique document form that can be filled in with DIfiller before submitting directly to the selected trading partner.


View new inbound documents right down to line item detail. Usable by both large and small companies, either connected directly to DIcentral or when using the DIfiller to post and view documents.
Users can select to view their inbound data in either raw EDI format , Flat File or XML.
Using the document turnaround feature, an inbound document can immediately be converted to an out- bound document, with data fields prepopulated to correspond to the original document.
To save inbound document files to a local or network directory, simply select the documents, select the format (EDI, ASCII or XML), and click the save button. See configuration folder for detailed import data configuration.


All outbound and sent documents are viewable at any time, whether the user is connected directly to DIcentral, or using DIfiller to post and view documents.
Read Receipt feature allows user to know if the recipient has acknowledged receipt of the sent document.
With no re-keying of data, a user can resend a document.


Inactive files may be stored in Archive folders, viewable at any time by the user.

User Configuration

DIgateway has been designed for custom user configuration. For example, a user can configure, by both trading partner and inbound document type, what data fields can be imported into their system and in what order.


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