Support for 3000+ Transaction Types

Pressures to conform to external data standards conflict with the need to maintain low-cost, comprehensive solutions across your Business Partner community. DIcentral supports all types of transactions and file formats, usable by all sizes of companies and across all industries and business processes.

Supply ChainFinancialOrderingAnd more...
purchase ordersinvoicesrequests for quotesCataloging...
PO order change requestspayment orderresponses to RFQsLogistics...
advanced shipping noticesremittance advice Distribution...
Supported File Formats
cXMLBiztalkall major data adapters

A typical business transaction requires many steps to complete. From choosing from a supplier's catalog to ordering, paying, and receiving the correct products and reciepts, what was handled in the past by fax and by hand can now be handled entirely electronically - low-risk and at low cost - with all of your Business Partners. Enjoy complete freedom and fast implementation of any transaction type and file format you or your Business Partners wish to use.
Generic transaction flow
SAP transaction flow

Should you or your suppliers require tight integration, DIcentral's self-mapping and communication tools automate data import and export to and from your and their back office systems. It's easy to integrate SAP systems to and from any type of Business Partner with any kind of business rules, seamlessly and error-free.

Your company can both conform to your customers' data requirements and dictate standards to your suppliers through DIcentral.

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