Item Syncing (Catalog) Services

Maintaining your product catalog is important to your customers. They need to feel comfortable knowing that the data for each one of your products is accurate. Inaccurate data in the world of electronic commerce can spell lost time and money. DIcatalog’s flat file (832) support ensures UCC compliance and allows for smooth running commerce.

Upload your catalog data to DIcentral’s “Item Sync” Catalog which allows buyers to access precise details about your product offerings.

DIcentral supports the UCCnet initiative.

UCCnet is an industry initiative allowing suppliers and buyers to share a synchronized database of item information. UCCnet compliance will allow you to maintain and update your item information online and allow you to share this information with your approved customers and prospects who are also UCCnet members. UCCnet will help you reduce losses due to purchase order/invoice discrepancies, product and delivery errors, and time to market delays. It also will simplify new buyer relationships since UCCnet retailers and distributors will be able to download your product information into their purchasing systems. Click here for more information about UCCnet

Comprehensive Catalog Exchange

DIcatalog is an online catalog service for you to publish and maintain your product data for electronic access by your customer base.

Easy & Cost-Effective Solution

Customers require catalog data in a variety of forms and formats, making it difficult to accommodate their requests while keeping product information up-to-date. By hosting catalog data with DI central, all of your customers have access to specific product information you can tailor to each, such as price discounts or product specifications.

We automatically translate your data into any form your customers require – on demand. Uploading and synchronizing your data is easy and can be done in real time from your company's existing database system, eliminating the need to invest in additional software or lengthy contracts.

DIcatalog's flexibility sets us apart from traditional catalog solutions. Among the features and benefits:

With a single link to DIcentral, you will access a comprehensive, end-to-end Data Exchange and Catalog solution.



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