AS2/RosettaNet Solutions More big retailers than ever before are requiring Internet communication standards for EDI. If you own your own EDI software, compliance requires additional technical expertise on your part. DIcentral’s Web-based tools eliminate the need for you to become a communications expert, and you don’t have to upgrade software or hire consultants.

DIcentral helps you comply with latest Internet communications standards. We offer native support for AS2 as well as RNIF 2.0.

AS2 The AS2 standard allows businesses to use a common, single communications solution via the Web. The big advantage of AS2 is the high level of security it offers. Large companies see AS2 as a cheaper, more secure way to move data than through a VAN (value added network). AS2 eliminates the complications and costs involved when different businesses in a network use different transfer protocols. A Web server, an EDI transfer engine, and digital certificate s are required for data exchange using AS2. Almost any type of data can be transmitted.

RNIF 2.0 RosettaNet, an organization most noted for driving XML standards says RNIF 2.0 allows for better routing of business messages between systems. With RNIF 2.0, e-business companies and intermediaries such as e-markets will be able to exchange binary documents (PDF, GIF and others) along with their XML-based messages. RNIF 2.0 also includes support for HTTP, HTTPS and SMTP transfer protocols, as well as digital signatures and payload encryption by using S/MIME.

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