Fulfillment Services

Cutting costs and improving efficiency are the mantras of business. One way for manufacturers and distributors to achieve these benefits is using DIcentral’s fulfillment tools.

We work directly with you and/or your third party logistics providers – integrating with warehouse management systems, consulting for process and procedures, and offering flexible Web-based labeling and Web-based Scan-and-Pack solutions.

The Benefits of DIcentral’s Web-based Service

We’ve been working with SME’s for years. We know how important it is to control costs. When you pay a service provider you expect regular, inexpensive monthly charges – and easy use. You don’t have time to haggle with vendors. You have work to do.

DIcentral provides its service through the Internet. You don’t have to pay for software or hardware. You don’t have maintenance fees. Once you sign up, you’re up and running in no time.

Educating the supplier

Your customers provide you a channel to market. To remain competitive in the retail environment, retailers must operate a lean supply chain. EDI and the fulfillment tools offered by DIcentral allow you a quick, cost effective, and efficient way to meet your customer’s EDI requirements.

DIcentral has a network of third party consultants who can assist you with vendor compliance related challenges.

International EDI and Fulfillment

DIcentral provides direct Internet EDI access for both North American-based suppliers and the international manufacturers who serve them. (e.g. North American based Supplier utilizing a Chinese manufacturer).

In the past, North American-based suppliers overnighted thousands of UCC 128 bar code labels to their international manufacturing plants – a process that took time and was fraught with uncertainty and errors. Today, using DIcentral, suppliers now have control by electronically communicating label requirements to their international plants. This control saves you money, time; and minimizes errors and uncertainty.

DIcentral’s Web-based shipping and fulfillment EDI solution empowers you to help your customer succeed without investment in expensive software or hardware.

“DIcentral helps me focus on my business.” – Southland Logistics

“DIcentral helps a small company like ours work with big companies that require EDI,” says Tom Muller, CEO of Southland Logistics. “We had to come up with a process to handle 20,000 orders using EDI. DIcentral had us up and running in no time. I feel really good about it.”

Muller’s company handles logistics for companies like the Home Shopping Network, fulfilling orders from his Orlando warehouse. The volume and variety of products used to require lots of paperwork and fax machines.

Now, for many of his bigger clients, Muller handles the paperwork virtually, outsourcing the movement of electronic billing and shipping documents to DIcentral.

“DIcentral helps me focus on my business,” says Muller. “I’m EDI capable without having to buy a bunch of computers and hire an IT staff. Now I can work with big companies in the league of WalMart. And the service is cost effective, too.”

Everyday, Muller’s company uses DIcentral’s “on demand” UCC label printing capability.

“I’ve been in this business since 1992,” says Muller, “and the changes have been incredible. “I handle 50 to 60 PO’s a day, and DIcentral has made that process a lot easier. DIcentral has effectively allowed me to double my business in a year.



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