EDI Solutions

DIcentral offers the most comprehensive set of Web EDI tools. We offer solutions for retail, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, electronics, and distribution. Our Web-based service works with all kinds of accounting packages – from Peachtree to SAP. And DIcentral helps you monitor each step of your business transaction, from purchase order to payment.

In short, with DIcentral, whether you’re a small or mid-sized firm, we help you comply with your customers’ EDI requirements for electronic business documents – quickly and cost effectively, eliminating expensive software, maintenance costs, or software updates. .

We save you money

DIcentral is the perfect solution for small and mid-sized companies because we meet your clients’ EDI requirements without requiring you to buy expensive hardware or software. In no time, your service is up and running, moving your business documents at Internet speed. Our system ensures your data is correct from beginning to end. You eliminate the cost of paperwork, snail mail, and re-keying

Choose your plan

There are many ways to use DIcentral’s adaptable service. Depending on your volume of transactions, you can (1) fill out readymade forms, (2) upload data from your accounting package, or (3) integrate your accounting system with DIcentral to allow to automatic data flow.

Meet Your Customers’ Requirements

DIcentral already meets hundreds of EDI and XML standards and continuously updates to meet the ever changing requirements of the marketplace.

Personalized Support

We tailor our customer service to your needs. If you are a first time user of EDI or an operation with sophisticated IT, our customer service personnel will guide you along the way. With our customer service system, we can track our customer’s progress from supplier registration to production.



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