Enablement Services

DIcentral’s Trading Community Management service provides resources and expertise to build and expand your trading community.

We use the collaborative power of the Web to manage your e-commerce/EDI supply-chain initiative, dramatically reducing the set-up time to share information electronically with your trading partners. We manage your community with a secure, customized Web site that offers tools for registration, collaboration, and communication such as posting of program information, document specifications and standards, program reports and compliance testing of e-commerce/EDI documents.

Trading Community Management features:

Build Your Trading Community .

DI central’s Trading Community Management service helps you to recruit and enable new trading partners. We ensure that your partners are knowledgeable about your e-commerce/EDI initiative, electronic trading processes, and specifications.

Here’s what we do:

  1. Initiate your e-commerce/EDI initiative by assigning a project coordinator to set up your Trading Community
  2. A dashboard website will be created to post your data implementation guidelines, test documents, and load your initial list of trading partners.
  3. Create and communicate an effective message that points out the benefits of participation.
  4. Create a trading partner implementation letter (usually distributed via e-mail). This letter communicates your mission statement, as well as the actions your trading partners should take to implement the DIcentral service.
  5. Provide follow-up communications with your trading partners, including e-mails or fax, direct mail campaigns, telephone contact, or a combination.
  6. Provide support for vendor self-registration. Guide your trading partners by encouraging and enabling them to start trading immediately.
  7. Provide on-going support. We ensure that your partners are comfortable with the technology for the new business practices.
  8. Provide reports on your vendor roll-out activity
  9. Design a single Web-based point of communication for relaying information to your trading partners…anytime!

Manage Your Trading Community .

Our Trading Community Management service manages your trading community by effectively communicating the benefits of your e-commerce/EDI initiative and information regarding your EDI standards, process, and compliance.

Expand Your Trading Community.

DIcentral’s technology and services allow any buyer organization to expand their trading community in both quantity of trading partners and transaction requirements.


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