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Business-to-business (B2B) business models require tight integration with suppliers in order to ensure success in today's expanding B2B marketplace. Computize, a large reseller of over 90,000 IT-related products recently re-evaluated their software solution and business model in order to improve their supply chain, thereby increasing efficiency and delivering a smooth, trouble-free experience to customers. The new solution is based on the DIcentral's "Total B2B Data Integration" service. The service was chosen for its rapid delivery of data and documents and its capability for rapid integration of supply-chain relationships.

Computize is a large IT products reseller founded in 1983 providing over 90,000 IT products to 10,000 customers.

Integrate their supply-chain in a timely and cost-effective manner.

DIcentral's Total B2B Data Integration Solution including data mapping, translation, communications, Business Partner enablement.

Near real-time delivery of inbound and outbound documents. Accurate data mapping, validation and translation. Quick supply-chain integration and additional Business Partner enablement.

Computize is an enterprise founded in 1983 with headquarters in Houston, Texas, and multiple locations throughout the United States. Selling technology products such as computers, monitors, printers, scanners, software, and other accessories through online channels and traditional phone sales, Computize is in its seventeenth year of steady growth. Computize continually has made strong commitments to developing business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce solutions designed to accommodate the unique needs of its enterprise customers.

The efficiency of the supply chain directly affects Computize's customer service, productivity, and profitability. Computize recently selected DIcentral's Total B2B Data Integration service to facilitate efficient supply-chain integration and to enhance the technology required to support future business visions.


Business Challenge
In seeking ways to differentiate itself competitively, Computize recognized that a 100% electronic supply-chain was necessary for moving forward. Over the past several years Computize transformed from a traditional telephone and fax operation to a web based ordering and Fulfillment company. Customers both search and order thousands of products online. Although Computize saw the benefits of providing a web-based ordering system to its clients, they felt the solution was not complete without the ability to provide back office integration to their Business Partners.

Computize's requirements associated with its B2B integration goal included flexible integration with Business Partners, facility of sharing data and documents, and near real-time order-fulfillment automation. The objective of fulfilling these requirements was to obtain benefits in greater supply-chain efficiency, faster turnaround, and enhanced customer experience. Also essential to the initiative's success was increasing data accuracy and accessible, both internally and externally in a variety of formats. Finally, order processing had to be streamlined to both raise profitability and lower operating costs.

The Company pursued traditional EDI, but quickly realized that maintaining separate EDI maps, communications, and security for each of its customers and suppliers was not cost effective. After careful consideration, they decided to search for a complete hosted B2B integration firm that could meet its unique integration requirements. Bringing Computize's more than 150 Business Partners to e-commerce compliance would increase data accuracy, and reduce cycle times and logistics costs. Although some of the larger Business Partners were already e-commerce enabled, most were not and the task of enabling them seemed all but impossible.

"Before using DIcentral's Solutions, it took three technical employees six months to enable just three Business Partners. Now it takes us 3 days to enable each Partner. We are extremely satisfied with DIcentral's performance and are looking forward to achieving our goal of 100% e-commerce enablement."

Ken Ryu, President, Computize

Computize Selects DIcentral's Total B2B Data Integration
When Computize decided to outsource its B2B integration requirements; an important requirement was the ability to translate data directly and accurately from their procurement application to Business Partners' systems. Also required was the ability for a host company to manage the time-consuming task of Business Partner enablement.

DIcentral Corporation approached Computize to demonstrate how outsourcing their EDI requirements would be more efficient. The initial transaction demo included DIcentral, Computize, and one of Computize's largest Business Partners. As part their Solution, DIcentral mapped the Business Partner's EDI implementation guide directly into DIcentral's hosted system. DIcentral then set up secure FTP communications between all three companies and began a testing period. Data was transmitted and validated through DIcentral from Computize to the Business Partner, ensuring that it arrived timely and was accurately translated. After the successful test period, Computize chose to move additional transactions into full production.

DIcentral then developed a generic implementation guide for use with Computize's other Business Partners. Because it is hosted, DIcentral's Solution is not intrusive to their Business Partners, but provides corresponding benefits, allowing more companies to participate in true B2B e-commerce.

The DIcentral Solution has both increased Computize's customer satisfaction rating and lowered their operating costs. Computize believes that by using DIcentral they will be able to maximize their B2B integration efforts with their Business Partners, achieving their goals without the expense and management difficulties of a traditional EDI system.


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