Solutions for B2B E-marketplaces

Emergence of B2B Exchanges
Only ten of the 600 e-marketplaces tracked by AMR Research offered any kind of back-end integration. In order to provide seamless integration, these e-marketplaces either must force a standard or adapt to accommodate the different technologies and formats used by the participants. However, since these e-marketplaces are new and carry little market clout, they cannot force a standard. As a result, they are turning to DIcentral to provide the infrastructure to connect the many disparate systems of their participants.B2B e-Marketplace Solutions

True B2B Integration
True B2B integration requires significant agreement and conformity across the entire trading community. A single difference in methodology or technology between business partners results in e-commerce failure. The number of potential variables that could cause failure in B2B data integration is increasing, which adds to the cost and complexity of B2B integration. The source of these differences include:

DIcentral solutions enable customers with internal enterprise applications, such as XML enable procurement solutions or EDI to be connected seamlessly with their external trading partners regardless of what file formats that their trading partners systems require. DIcentral's Total B2B Data Integration solutions have been designed to enable the B2B e-Marketplace to reach its full potential by providing:

Supply ChainFinancialOrderingAnd more...
purchase ordersinvoicesrequests for quotesCataloging...
PO order change requestspayment orderresponses to RFQsLogistics...
advanced shipping noticesremittance advice Distribution...
Supported File Formats
cXMLBiztalkall major data adapters


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