Supplier Solutions


Employ the most comprehensive set of Web EDI tools on the market

  • Solutions for retail, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, electronics, and distribution
  • Integration with Peachtree, SAP, J.D. Edwards, and a host of other accounting packages
  • Transaction visibility


Grow your electronic business relationships, as we grow with you

  • By connecting to DIcentral, you connect to the world
  • Brokers can carbon copy to manufacturers
  • Suppliers can carbon copy invoices to financing factors



Produce customized and standardized Web-based labels

  • UCC 128 and barcode 39 labels
  • Packing slips ( e-tailer and retailer )
  • Shipping labels


Interface with your third party logistics providers

  • Integration with warehouse management systems
  • Web-based Scan-and-Pack solution
  • Flexible Web-based labeling
  • Consulting for process and procedures


Comply with latest Internet communications standards

  • Native support for AS2
  • RNIF 2.0 support ( RosettaNet )
  • Full setup and testing support


Submit and maintain your product catalog with DIcentral

  • DIcatalog -- flat file or 832 support
  • UCC compliant
  • Customizable


Meet the needs of your customers’ EDI testing requirements

  • Compliance validation for EDI suppliers
  • Online access to program details
  • Quick, real time turnaround and detailed feedback


Streamline your manual process with our mobile electronic field ticketing solution

  • Merge image based data with EDI/XML
  • Handheld wireless solutions


Get the capital you need to grow your business

  • Carbon Copy your factoring agent with EDI transaction data
  • Lower your cost of receivable financing
  • Reduce manual processes


Track the progress of business transactions with detailed reports

  • Rich transactional data capture
  • Rich transactional data capture
  • Unlimited report types




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