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Total B2B Data Integration
DIcentral provides a complete net-based platform of business-to-business (B2B) data integration services for small to medium-sized business, enterprises and e-marketplaces.
DIcentral's suite of Internet-based applications, Total B2B Data Integration, enables corporations of any size to achieve B2B data integration without the costly investment in localized software and hardware technology, and without the costs of ongoing maintenance and management of B2B relationships.

Customers simply make a single connection to the DIcentral data center, and DIcentral translates the data into the standards with business rule preferred by each of their trading partners.

Features and Benefits of DIcentral Solutions:
  • No manual data entry! Customers can send data directly from their application to trading partners... saving time, improving efficiency and productivity, and reducing errors.
  • A single link to DIcentral accesses an end-to-end data exchange solution.
  • No additional hardware or software to buy, and no large up front investment compared to traditional EDI solutions.
  • Extend the electronic interchange to all of your trading partners.
  • Transactions are monitored and completely secure via DIcentral's world-class, fault-tolerant computing environment.
  • Transaction-based fees that make costs manageable. Reduce annual e-business costs, including staffing, software and value-added network (VAN) fees, and avoid the incremental costs associated with implementing new data exchange standards.
  • Complete customization. Data can be sent or received in any format.
  • Data can be viewed and printed from the browser before being imported into an application.
  • Archiving: all transactions are stored online.
Customer Service
Our services are backed by a professional and experienced staff, including a dedicated customer support team available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The production environment of DIcentral is located at WORLDCOM Data Centers. These cutting-edge facilities are custom designed with high security, limited access, natural disaster safeguards, and on-site monitoring.
 ComputizeComputize selected DIcentral's "Total B2B Data Integration" Service to facilitate efficient supply-chain integration and to enhance the technology required to support future business visions.


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